Guy in 1980’s bought and unlimited First class American airline pass. He since has been on 10,000 flights and costed AA over 21 million dollars.



He’s the man who flew too much.

Steve Rothstein bought a golden ticket from American Airlines in 1987 — granting him a lifetime of unlimited travel.

He clocked more than 10 million miles and 10,000 flights. He used his power to fly hopeless strangers home, a friend to the Louvre, and a priest to Rome to meet the pope.

He hopped planes to other cities just for a baseball game or a sandwich.

aa first class

“[I] became a hero at the airline,” Rothstein, 61, a Manhattan investment banker, told The Post. “I could just show up and get a seat.”

But in 2008, AA accused him of fraud and snatched his bottomless boarding pass.

American is reviewing its AAirpass program to find ways to terminate some of the 66 high-flying contracts that are costing the company millions of dollars a year.


Rothstein, then living in Chicago, bought his AAirpass for $250,000, plus a companion ticket for $150,000 more.

“I could go someplace and I wouldn’t even have to think about it,” he said. “Just make the reservation and go.”

He traveled 18 times in July 2004 alone, jetting to Nova Scotia, Maine, London, Los Angeles and Denver.

Once a business meeting in Miami was postponed for a day, so he took a junket to Caracas.


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