Afghan Queen Soraya tore publicly off her hijab in support of her husband’s speech



Soraya Tarzi, known mostly as Queen Soraya  was the Queen consort of Afghanistan in the early 20th century and the wife of King Amanullah Khan.

King Amanullah Khan publicly campaigned against the veil, against polygamy, and encouraged education of girls not just in Kabul but also in the countryside. At a public function, Amanullah said that “Islam did not require women to cover their bodies or wear any special kind of veil”. At the conclusion of the speech, Queen Soraya tore off her veil (hejab) in public and the wives of other officials present at the meeting followed this example. Throughout her husband’s reign, Queen Soraya wore wide-brimmed hats with a diaphanous veil attached to them. 

Queen Soraya encouraged women to get an education and opened the first school for girls in Kabul.

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