DNA test shows history teacher is direct descendant of 9,000-year-old skeleton.

08-03-1997 Cheder man adrian targett dna link brian sykes (DM)1192

After he was killed by a blow to the face about 9,000 years ago, the 23-year-old hunter was laid to rest in a limestone cave in what is now southwestern England.

Now, say scientists astonishingly bridging 90 centuries and 300 generations, they have found a direct descendant of the Stone Age man.

Scientists and a camera crew appeared one day at Kings of Wessex school in Cheddar.

“They wanted to take DNA samples from some of the students whose families had lived longest in the area,”42-year-old history teacher, Adrian Targett said. “I gave a [cheek swab] sample too, just to encourage the children and to make up the numbers.”

When the results were in at Oxford, the DNA had conclusively shown Targett to be a direct descendant of Cheddar’s cave man.

“I’m a history teacher. But I teach modern history, so Cheddar Man’s a bit out of my period. I have to admit that I knew next to nothing about him,” said Targett, who is now learning in a hurry after finding himself on every front page in Britain on Saturday.

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