Indian man dug a well in 40 days after his wife was denied water due to her caste

The wife of Bapurao Tajne, a resident of Kolambeshwar village in Malegaon taluka, was not allowed to fetch water from a well by villagers.

In a bid to take his revenge on a social milieu which still discriminates large sections of people, Tajne took it upon himself to dig a well in his village, and is quenching the thirst of the entire Dalit population of the area now.

He finished the digging in a mere 40 days and was pleasantly surprised to find water. Beaming with confidence, a seemingly content Tajne told PTI over phone that he felt fortunate to have discovered abundantly available ground water after his hard work.

“I was ridiculed by my family among others, but I was determined,” Tajne said.


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