A German paraglider, Ewa Wisnierska, sucked into storm and lives to tell


A German paraglider survived lightning, pounding hail, minus 40-degree temperatures and oxygen deprivation after a storm system sucked her to an altitude higher than Mount Everest.

Ewa Wisnierska, 35, passed out due to a lack of oxygen and flew unconscious for up to an hour covered in ice after reaching an altitude of 9947 metres – near the cruising height of a jumbo jet. Wisnierska says experience told her she had no chance of survival, but a doctor told her that blacking out had saved her. “It was because that I got unsconscious because then the heart slows down all the functions – it saved my life,” she told ABC radio.

”You can’t imagine the power – you feel like nothing, like a leaf from a tree going up,” she told the ABC. “I was shaking all the time – the last thing I remember it was dark, I could hear lightning all around me. “From the theory, I knew the chances to survive are almost zero, I knew I can only have luck, I can’t do anything – and I got it.”

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