How a Group of Yale Students Used ‘The Game’ To Prank Harvard in the Best Way Possible

The 2004 Harvard–Yale prank was a practical joke performed on November 20, 2004 at the annual Harvard–Yale football game in which Yale students perpetrated a card stunt, costumed as a Harvard “pep squad”. They gave out placards to a section of Harvard fans which, when raised together, read “We Suck”.

The perpetrators handed crimson-and-white placards to fans in the central area of the Harvard side of the stadium—mostly Harvard alumni, with a few faculty, students, and others. The group told the crowd that, by lifting the placards, they would spell “Go Harvard”.

Most Harvard students were sitting in a section off to the side of the alumni area where the prank was executed, and they left the stands unaware of the prank; however, players on the field did see the placards. Harvard won the game, 35–3.

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